Text by Cyril Hériard Dubreuil
Selection of the reading committee for all audiences of Associated Writers of the Theater 
Dorothée Deblaton's model
Finalist 2016 of the Theater 13 Prize  / Young directors
Anticipation tragedy.
In this society, large private groups have ownership of everything, including human organs. Titi and Kim are two young escort girls who belong to the Kopro corporation. Kim is an alcoholic. Titi is sober, and since her body is in good condition, she is taken to a heart transplant for a baby girl by a senior manager. She inherits an artificial heart.
Very weakened by the operation, Titi decides to drink to damage her body. This gave him the idea of a revolution of a new form, the Ethanol Revolution. It's simple: train the oppressed to drink a lot, everywhere and all the time. The revolution succeeds. But what power will take the place of the former?
Uncovering is the third part of a more global political project: the cycle of passive revolutions, where psychic resistance has replaced weapons.

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